Composite structure

A system with composite
steel columns and beams

Proven, custom solutions
for your structures.

By combining precast concrete and steel, Hectare construction enhances the efficiency of your projects.

Every component below can be used on its own or combined with others. Having overseen dozens of structures erected throughout Canada, Hectare construction’s project managers have the expertise to help you select the best choices for your project.

Composite steel beams
for slim floors

In a slim floor, the composite steel beam is integrated within the floor itself – compared with a floor in which the hollow-core slab is deposited on top of the steel beam. This means less space is taken up by the components and the possibility of adding more floors in a building.

Several solutions exist to create slim floors integrating hollow-core slabs. Hectare construction leverages a variety of these options and has become an expert in this type of system.

Hectare Construction

Composite steel

These steel columns feature a cast-in-place concrete core. They can also be created in other ways.

Composite columns generally comply with fire resistance standards in effect for residential buildings in Quebec.

Standard steel columns are also compatible with our systems.

Hectare Construction

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