Hectare Construction is Now The Exclusive Distributor of Stubbe’s Products in Quebec

Changing the construction industry, one project at a time with its cutting-edge solution combining precast concrete and composite steel

Quebec City, Wednesday, November 1, 2023 – Hectare construction, a contractor based in Quebec City specializing in composite structures combining precast concrete and steel, has signed an exclusivity agreement to be the sole distributor of Stubbe’s products in Quebec. Hectare construction’s clients will now be able to benefit from the high-quality precast concrete produced by Stubbe’s, one of Canada’s leading names in the industry. Hectare construction was one of the first gontractors in Quebec to use precast concrete structures and strongly believes this technology signals a new era for multi-storey projects in the province.

Technology driving change

For the past several decades, most real estate developers and contractors have built their multi-storey structures using cast-in-place concrete. Hectare construction is different. It has been relying on an innovative technology that marks a major change in Quebec’s construction industry. This new system with myriad benefits has already been adopted in several places around the world but is relatively new to Quebec. Hectare construction is proud to be at the forefront of innovation thanks to a solution adapted to the realities of the current market with composite structures combining precast concrete and steel, thereby preventing teams from having to rely on cast-in-place concrete and formwork during their construction projects. Instead, hollow-core concrete slabs are used alongside composite columns. Because the structure is already precast, it only needs to be assembled on site. In fact, a team of only six workers can assemble a multi-storey structure!

Myriad benefits

It goes without saying that this simple technology comes with multiple advantages. First and foremost: efficiency and speed. Up to 20,000 sq. ft. can easily be built in only one week. Moreover, the simple system offered by Hectare construction is ideal for an industry that has been greatly affected by a labour shortage. In Quebec, where available formwork companies are hard to find, prefabricated slabs are an optimal solution.

Furthermore, Hectare construction’s system has multiple benefits for the building itself. A building built with this technology will be more eco-efficient than one built with conventional cast-in-place concrete. Precast concrete also delivers better sound insulation without the need for an acoustic membrane. The structure will also be 30% lighter, which means greater density and a viable solution for multi-storey projects built on softer ground. Last but not least, Hectare construction’s system is the quickest and most efficient way to shorten project timelines because other trades can start their work more quickly without having to wait for the concrete to cure. The use of precast stairs also saves time. The result is a building quality that is at least equivalent to a building with cast-in-place concrete, but without the vibrations inherent to buildings made with conventional steel.

Adapted to our canadian winters

One of the most significant advantages of Hectare construction’s technology is the fact it is perfectly adapted to our Canadian winters. The cost of heating cast-in-place concrete can quickly add up. Hectare construction’s pre-cast concrete solution eliminates these costs as well as those associated with wait times – resulting in significant savings. Hectare construction’s system is therefore perfectly adapted to our harsh winters. And yet this system is not commonly used in our province where winters are reputed for lasting months on end. In other words, there’s a world of possibilities for Hectare construction!

Past projects

Hectare construction has already carried out multiple projects throughout Quebec and Ontario. These include several rental condo buildings where tenants are very satisfied with their home’s superior soundproofing. For instance, Hectare construction carried out thefour phases of the Le Pivot project near the Saint-Charles River in the Quebec City area, the multi-storey projects Le Zen in Gatineau and Luxenbourg- Phase VI in Quebec City, and care facilities for the elderly in Cornwall and Kemptville. More recently, the Le Clif, a 151 units project, relied on this technology.

About Hectare construction

Hectare construction is at the forefront of the industry. It began using precast construction systems for Hectare immobilier’s multi-storey projects several years ago. The company quickly became a benchmark of the industry in Eastern Canada and continues to improve its technology and construction methods in collaboration with partners. Its mission is to support clients in their projects with alternatives to conventional construction methods such as cast-in-place concrete and traditional steel.